Manchester Police Athletic League

it is a robotics design/ Competition program  started by an inventor from Bedford.  Over the past 25 yrs it has gone nation wide
 and now goes from elementary to high school. Kids are mentored by adults and then compete  MPAL is going to be the site for the first cop mentor run program in the country.  They are trying to diversify the kids who participate and see them as our future. 
 The program will be happening on Monday and Wednesday's 3:30-5.
 It may become more as the competitions draw closer. Right now they are starting a off season session on March 27. 
  So, we need kids!  7,8,9th graders. 6-10 of them.
 Must commit to as many of the sessions in the 10 weeks as possible

Tel: 603-626-0211

409 Beech St, Manchester, NH 03103