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What is Aikido? Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art focused on self-defense. It is a refinement of various traditional martial techniques combined with the philosophy of harmonizing with an opposing force with precise maneuvers to neutralize aggression with the least effort. Unlike other arts, Aikido does not rely on punches and kicks but rather on body and mind coordination to effectively redirect an aggressor's energy, coupled with the application of efficient joint manipulation techniques.

Requirements: An applicant is required to fill out a membership form in person at the MPAL facility during office hours. A photo will be taken to generate an identification card which needs to be scanned every time a participant attends a scheduled class. The facility maintains several sets of uniforms for use in Aikido and Judo programs, so there's no requirement for participants to secure their own.

This is a free after school program for kids and teenagers, 8 years old and above. The facility offers plenty of free parking space for program participants. 


MPAL Boxing​

Judo is an Olympic Sport.  It is a system of self-defense, a physical and mental discipline that was first contested in the Olympic Games at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. Judo is one of the best sports for boys and girls not only to develop self-confidence but as a sport that teaches skills that are transferable to all other sports.  Judo is a grappling martial art similar to jiu-jitsu, but does NOT involve punching or kicking. Judo places emphasis on throws, pins, and submission holds such as strangles (+13 yrs. only) and arm locks (+17 years only).

Key responsibilities
Through judo, we aim to build self-esteem, confidence both on and off the mat while instilling discipline, and character in order for each judoka/student to reach his/her individual potential and self-actualization whether it is to become an Olympic and a World Champion, get in shape, or to just have fun. In addition, we aim to provide in children of all ages, safe, and competitive environment through Sport Judo.

Is it Safe?
Judo is among the safest of all contact sports. As a martial art and Olympic sport, Judo is governed by the International Judo Federation (IJF), which has set strict safety guidelines for competition.  To ensure safety at M.P.A.L. Granite State Judo, all classes are instructed by USA Judo coaches. Most importantly however, our instructors are knowledgeable and always put safety first.

The Granite State Judo Institute has it's home at the Manchester Police Athletic League. The club is under the direction of Head coach/Sensei  Robert Proksa 3rd dan USA Judo. Sensei Proksa has coached both national and International champions. Judo is free for youth ages 5-18. Law enforcement and active duty military are also free. 

Arm Wrestling is the newest sport program at MPAL. Everyone has tried it, yet most don’t realize it is an international, competitive sport. The sport has recently spiked in interest after the reality series Game of Arms in 2014. 

World Champion, Debbie Banaian and her husband, National Champion, Dean Banaian coach youth arm-wrestling and hope to develop participants from the first time they enter the gym all the way to competitive National Champions. Athletic attire is suggested, including sneakers. Athletes will enjoy learning the following: arm wrestling safety, body positioning, hand grip, arm wrestling techniques (top roll, hook, press), strategic moves, strengthening and conditioning, straps, and WAF competition rules.

Youth Sports

Boxing is a core program at MPAL. Officer John Levasseur coaches youth in boxing and develops participants from the first time they enter the gym all the way to the golden gloves.Boxing is open to youth who are at least 10 years old.

MPAL is the home of MPAL Gryphons Wrestling

The Granite State Gryphons Wrestling Club was formed in April of 2011 to give wrestlers in the Greater Manchester area with limited transportation a place to train. Gryphons Wrestling moved to the Manchester Police Athletic League in 2013. Since the day we started, we have worked with and helped develop wrestlers from Manchester Central, West, Memorial, Pinkerton, Merrimack, Londonderry, Bedford, Goffstown, John Stark, Newport, Haverhill, Concord, Nashua, Salem, and many more school districts. Since our founding, we have watched over 90% of our wrestlers become State Champion, State Placers, New England Places, and/or All-Americans.

MPAL Gryphons Wrestling features quality instruction and clinics from area high school and college coaches and college wrestlers, as well as intensive drills to maximize our wrestlers' fluidity and potential. All our wrestlers also receive strength and conditioning training in our weight room and conditioning program.

MPAL Gryphons Wrestling sessions are divided by age and weight.

Level 1 Gryphons are boys and girls, ages 5 through 8th grade and practice focuses on keeping the FUN in FUNdamentals. Level 1 Gryphons are taught the basics and rudimentary skills needed for long-term success while combining games and contests that enhance the skills. Level 1 wrestlers compete and train year-round. 

Level 2 Gryphons are 7th grade through high school, 88lbs or more (younger or smaller wrestlers may participate by invite only). High school sessions run from mid-March through mid-November, featuring more advanced techniques (including Freestyle), drilling, strength, and conditioning. 

MPAL Gryphons Wrestling has its own apparel store.

All of us on the Gryphons Coaching Staff look forward to working with your wrestlers become the champions of the future.


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