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Manchester Police Athletic League

Training the Trainer:

It is important for Coach J to stay fit, too, so Jayna took some time to train the trainer!

Promptness Is Key:

With not a lot of time to get ready, Coach J reminded Jayna that promptness is very important. 

Safety First:

Coach J and Jayna reviewed safety equipment.

MPAL's Jayna is Going Over The Edge

MPAL's Director of Operations and Development, Jayna Stevens, is participating in this year's Over the Edge event on June 29th to support MPAL. Preparing to rappel down the 24-story Brady Sullivan Building is no easy feat but with the help of Coach J, she is getting ready!​​ Stay tuned for more training sessions.

Height Desensitization:

Over The Edge is all about overcoming a fear of heights to support the community, so Coach J had Jayna start small to work on some height desensitization.

It's All for the Kidz:

Training camp isn't easy, but remembering that it is all for the kids helps Jayna to get through it!

Athletic Wardrobe Lessons:

Jayna showed up to Training Camp in her work clothes, but Coach J quickly told her that wasn't going to work. 


Mental Toughness:

Success comes from physical and mental toughness, and Coach J made sure to get Jayna prepared mentally.

Stay Hydrated:

Coach J reminded Jayna that it is important to stay hydrated while training!

Rappel Practice:

Coach J recruited Coach Johnny and some of the MPAL boxers to help Jayna practice rappelling.